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This book is published using a "print on demand" publisher, BookSurge. Books are only printed when they are ordered. Unfortunately, that process doesn't fit well with the bookstore practice of returning books that don't sell, so you are unlikely to find Real-Time Java Platform Programming, 2nd Edition on the shelves at your favorite book store.

Since BookSurge was acquired by Amazon, there is a particularly efficient connection between the BookSurge presses and Amazon shipping. For quick delivery, this relationship makes Amazon a good source. From what I've heard, the process is so efficient that you'd think the book was stocked in one of Amazon's warehouses. (Though not as efficient as it would be if the book were stocked at all the warehouses.) There is reason to hope that Booksurge will eventually locate presses at amazon.co.uk, which should reduce the cost and delay of shipping books to Europe. The book is also available at Abebooks and Alibris, direct from the publisher, or it can be ordered through your local book seller. The ISBN is 1–4196–5649–X.

The list price is $42.86, but check for sales. Amazon had the price discounted to around $29 for a few weeks, but then it dropped the discount. Maybe they'll offer it again.


If you need at least ten copies, email here.