The Real-Time for JavaTM Expert Group is chartered under the Java Community Process to produce a specification for additions to the Java platform to enable Java programs to be used for real-time applications.  See JSR-000001 The Real-Time Specification for Java.

Specification is final as of 11/12/2001!
Final Specification in PDF format is rtsj-V1.0.pdf
Final Specification V1.0 Errata and Intrepretation Guide
Final Specification in HTML
Download the reference implementation and TCK v1.0 (updated 2004 March 11)
Instructions for subscribing to the RTSJ discussion group.
The core team working area is here
The first edition of "The Real-Time Specification for Java" in PDF format is available at The Real-Time Specification for Java
(Note: The best procedure seems to be to right click on a link ending in a filename (e.g. rtsj.pdf), choose 'Save Link As...' (Netscape), save the file, and then open it with Acrobat).
Information about the team is here
Golden Gate Rover Video in QuickTime Format
Latest Public Version (Draft, viewer assumes risk of changes) v1.0.X
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