The RTSJ is the result of sustained and intense efforts from many people.

Dozens of people figured in the birth of the RTSJ starting with the NIST working group, followed by the JSR-1 consulting and engineering Expert Groups, then the the RI team at TimeSys who implemented the reference implementation.

Although the Expert Group is formally disbanded when the JSR reached final release (January of 2002), some of the RTSJ experts continued to work on the specification as the Technical Interpretation Committee (TIC) and drafted two distinguished members of the RTSJ community to join the group. The TIC continued to meet weekly nearly continuously from January 2002 until May 2005 improving the clarity of the specification.

I don't think anyone has tracked the time the TIC has spent working on the specification, but I estimate that the conference calls alone are probably a total of around 1500 person-hours.

Thank you everyone—Working Group, Expert Group, RI team, and user community. Special thanks to the TIC for your dedication, your enthusiastic insistence on rooting out documentation bugs, and your patience with me.

Peter Dibble
RTSJ Maintenance Lead
June 2005