Class MITViolationException

  extended by java.lang.Throwable
      extended by java.lang.Exception
          extended by java.lang.RuntimeException
              extended by javax.realtime.MITViolationException
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class MITViolationException
extends java.lang.RuntimeException

Thrown by the or AsyncEventHandler.getAndIncrementPendingFireCount() on a minimum interarrival time violation. More specifically, it is thrown under the semantics of the base priority scheduler's sporadic parameters' mitViolationExcept policy when an attempt is made to introduce a release that would violate the MIT constraint.

1.0.1 Becomes unchecked
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Constructor Summary
          A constructor for MITViolationException.
MITViolationException(java.lang.String description)
          A descriptive constructor for MITViolationException.
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Constructor Detail


public MITViolationException()
A constructor for MITViolationException.


public MITViolationException(java.lang.String description)
A descriptive constructor for MITViolationException.

description - Description of the error.